Mike is on the road to redemption.  Aside from starring in the critically acclaimed documentary, The Seven Five, Mike has ventured out to share his knowledge on the current policing climate.  Currently, Mike engages listeners at schools, universities, and corporate enterprises on topics ranging from; corruption, policing, corporate policy, workplace deviance, and many other ethics based topics.  He has come full circle and is again working with the NYPD as a consultant.


mike's Mission

Mike is committed to sharing knowledge and helping serve the community.  He provides insight into difficult and questionable ethics-related situations to help educate responsible leaders and professionals, while preventing situations from arising in the future.

There are good cops. There are bad cops. But there is only one Michael Dowd.
— Victor Blackwell, CNN

Who is mike?

  • Joined the NYPD in 1982 as a 20 year old rookie.
  • Became a patrol officer with the 75th precinct in 1983.
  • Arrested in 1992 by Suffolk County Police Department.
  • Main focus of the Mollen Commission investigation into corruption in the NYPD in 1992.
  • Testified before Mollen Commission in 1993, where he explained what it meant to be a "good cop."
  • Sentenced to 14 years in prison in 1994, served 13 years.
  • Released and started using his experience for good.  Immediately speaking at Iona College's criminal justice department. 
  • Was approached by film makers to make a documentary about his life, eventually approached by Sony to make a major motion picture.
  • Currently conducting interviews and discussions with news stations, colleges, and businesses; breaking down corruption.